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Whether it is a residential place, high-end industry, commercial places or villa water supply solution. We provide plumbing solutions for every need. Reach out to us for your plumbing needs and we will get it done with material supplies and quality work guaranteed.


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Our Services for Plumbing & Sanitary

Service Plumbing and Sanitary

Complete Plumbing & Sanitary Installation

HIIT provides complete plumbing installation via expert plumbers. Whether you need a simple faucet installation or piping installed for a new system, our team will provide services for Piping & re-piping, Faucet Installation, Shower installation, Bathtub installation, Drain installation, Sewer pipe installation, Garbage disposal installation, Water heater installation, etc.

Service Plumbing and Sanitary

Fitting, Repair & Maintenance

Whether it is a residential place, high-end industry, commercial places, villa. We provide plumbing solutions for every need with fitting, repair & maintenance​.

Service Plumbing and Sanitary

Architect Design of Plumbing & Drainage

Architectural drawings and visuals are an exceptional way of representing an architect's design of a residential home, a commercial property, or even a town. we provide architect design of plumbing drainage systems.

Service Plumbing and Sanitary

Water Tank Solution

HIIT offers water tank solutions to ensure the highest standards of hygiene at a reasonable cost. we have the most diversified capabilities in the water tank solution.

Service Plumbing and Sanitary

24/7 Emergency Service

We provide the complete plumbing & sanitary solution. If you need discussion we provide 24/7 Emergency Service​ for all types of disasters, a real person answers our line to help direct your call and answer your questions.

Service Plumbing and Sanitary

Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing

The bathroom and kitchen are the most important area in any home; therefore it is a must that the plumbing functions properly. We’re ready and waiting to repair, replace, and install your plumbing. Our talented professionals can solve your sink, faucet, shower, tub, water line, and drain issues, restoring proper function to your bathroom and kitchen’s plumbing.

Service Plumbing and Sanitary

Geyser Installation​

We offer to install the geyser system, Hot water is essential, especially during winter. You need hot water not for just bathing but for all kinds of domestic chores including cleaning, washing, etc.

Service Plumbing and Sanitary

Water Supply Line Fixing

When you start to notice a drop in water pressure in your home, or if water ceases coming out of some taps entirely, you may have water supply line clogs. we provide a complete solution of water supply line fixing

Service Plumbing and Sanitary

Complete Drainage Cleaning

A drain cleaner is a chemical product that unblocks sewer pipes are clogged wastewater drains. We offer end to end solution of complete drainage cleaning​.

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